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Ulvheim + Drennheim

The miniatures on this sub-page were designed by Pasquale of Wonderworlds and made available to us for sale. Many Thanks!

Notes on this product range:

The buildings usually have a slightly longer delivery time because most of them are only produced to order. They are on a scale of 1:72 and can be optimally used with 28-32mm miniatures.

The floors can be individually removed from each other, which enables play on all levels.

Tip for painting:You can paint the large buildings quickly and cheaply with hardware store paints (well thinned)!

The miniature in the pictures is for size matching only and is not included.

13 products found in Wonderworlds

  • €499,90
Dealer business
  • €99,90
Big inn
  • €169,90
Dungeon - catacombs
  • €329,90
High tower house
  • €79,90
Town hall - town hall
  • €399,90
  • €79,90
Guild hall
  • €124,90
  • €269,90
  • €59,90
  • away €59,90
Villa - noble house
  • €119,90
Wizard tower
  • €229,90